Welcome back to the Celebrity Lash and Brow design blog! Permanent makeup is a wonderful gift from the beauty gods — especially permanent lip color. No matter how many lipsticks out there claim to be kiss-proof, smudge-proof, and non-drying, it seems lipsticks and lip stains never add up to their claims. If you’re tired of reapplying lipstick all day long to achieve your desired look, you will want to consider getting permanent lip color. Today, we will look at some of the benefits of permanent lip color, and how it can help you achieve effortless beauty.

Permanent Lip Color Looks Natural

Having permanent pigment applied to your lips resembles the colors you’d apply with lipstick. This gives you a natural-looking lipstick application that won’t come off. Even if you choose to have brilliant red pigment applied to your lips, the application will look as though you have just applied a fresh coat of lipstick.

Enhances the Shape of Your Lips

A precise application of permanent lip pigment can enhance the shape of your mouth, giving you fuller, plumper lips without having to apply lipstick and lip liner to create this effect. Sometimes, your natural lip color can blend in with your skin tone, making it difficult to see the shape of your lips and mouth. Permanent lip color will accentuate the natural shape of your lip, highlighting your smile, making your lips stand out from your other facial features.  



Eliminates the Need to Reapply

One of the best benefits of permanent lip color is that there is no need to reapply. You’ll have gorgeous lips that can make you look and feel like the star you are! Say “goodbye” to having to carry around several lip colors, lip liners, and lip stains, and “hello” to lips that always look camera-ready without the effort. The only lip accessory you may want to keep handy is a moisturizing chapstick and lip gloss to highlight your permanent lip color.

Kiss-Proof Lips

Forget all the claims made by makeup brands that claim their lipstick is kiss-proof. None of them compare to the results delivered by permanent lip color. After an application, you’ll never have to worry about transferring your lipstick color from your lips to your partner’s, so you can kiss to your heart’s content! And you can forget about having to scrub lipstick marks off of your wine glasses and coffee mugs. Your lip color will stay put no matter what!

Book a Permanent Lip Color Application

If you’re ready to experience all of these benefits and more from getting permanent lip color, then give us a call today! At Celebrity Lash and Brow Design, we are Peoria’s Top Rated Local® permanent makeup studio, and would love to enhance your natural beauty with a permanent makeup treatment. We offer cosmetic tattooing for lips, eyes, and brows, as well as eyelash extensions, microblading, skin care treatments, and waxing. Call us or reach out to us online today to book a visit for one of our beauty services.