At Celebrity Lashes and Brow Design, we offer a variety of hair removal options. From eyebrow waxing to Brazilians, our licensed estheticians will leave you silky smooth and soft. And when you visit our premier waxing studio in Glendale, you will be treated as our favorite guest each time you stop in to see us for a waxing. It is our goal to ensure your complete comfort during each visit, and we strive to keep the atmosphere and experience as relaxed as possible.

Waxing is an extremely effective method of hair removal because it removes the hair all the way down to the root. In addition to being long lasting, with some areas remaining hair free for as long as eight weeks, waxing also allows your hair to grow back in softer than before. Unlike shaving or other methods that remove hair at the surface, our professional waxing will completely remove your body hair to give you the smoothest skin possible. And while the waxing process can cause some slight temporary discomfort, Celebrity Lashes and Brow Design are waxing experts who will shape, sculpt, or eliminate body hair to give you the smooth skin you desire.

If you are ready to experience hair removal in a calming environment and performed by a licensed esthetician to be as painless as possible, then contact us online, or call Celebrity Lashes and Brow Design today at 623-696-0688 to book your waxing appointment.