If you wake up each morning dreading that you have to put on your eye makeup because you know that it will have disappeared by the end of the day, you may want to consider a more permanent makeup solution: cosmetic tattooing. With semi-permanent and permanent makeup from Celebrity Lashes and Brow design, you can have long lasting beauty without the hassle of putting on eye makeup every morning. We specialize in cosmetic tattooing– also known as slide and tap– and our precision application allows our licensed esthetician to produce extremely natural looking results. While semi-permanent makeup lasts about one year, permanent makeup can last from three to five years; both semi-permanent makeup and permanent makeup could require annual touch ups which we are happy to provide.

In addition to cosmetic tattooing, Celebrity Lashes and Brow Design also offers microblading. By using a small blade to insert tinted color under the skin, we are able to enhance the appearance, shape, and color of your eyebrows. The result of microblading is thicker, more full looking eyebrows, so you can throw away your eyebrow pencil when you embrace microblading as a long-lasting solution. Contact us online, or call Celebrity Lashes and Brow Design today at 623-777-4223 to book your cosmetic tattooing or microblading appointment.