Permanent Eyeliner

Do you wake up every day wishing you could just roll out of bed with a beautiful makeup application that lasts? With permanent makeup, you can. At Celebrity Lash and Brow Design, we specialize in a wide range of permanent and semi-permanent makeup applications, including permanent eyeliner. Whether you’re simply tired of having to apply eyeliner every morning, only to have it wear away by the end of the day, or you have thin, light, or sparse eyelashes, permanent eyeliner is a wonderful solution that delivers long-lasting results.

Why Permanent Eyeliner?

A permanent eyeliner application means you can skip the tedious process of trying to apply a flawless line or perfectly pointed wing each and every morning. What’s more, permanent eyeliner can create the appearance of a naturally fuller lash or dramatic look that lasts day-in and day-out.

Book A Consultation

Ready to take your natural beauty to the next level? Don’t spend time searching “permanent makeup near me” when your Top Rated Local® beauty studio in Glendale is just a click away. Contact Celebrity Lash and Brow Design to book a consultation with one of our permanent makeup artists and discover the benefits of effortless beauty!