Microblading is a manual tattooing technique for applying semi-permanent pigment which is pressed into the skin along the ridge of the brow line to resemble natural eyebrow hair. Microblading eyebrows is a safe and effective way to camouflage eyebrow hair that this thinning or missing completely by replicating the growth of eyebrow hair to create a fuller, shaped, natural-looking brow. As Glendale’s Top Rated Local® beauty studio, our microblading experts will enhance your natural beauty by applying semi-permanent eyebrows with skill and precision.     

Benefits of Microblading

Microblading is a minimally invasive beauty procedure that will benefit anyone who has thinning eyebrows, lack of hair growth, or complete hair loss due to years of overplucking, medical conditions and/or medical treatments, and other causes. Here are some of the incredible benefits to be gained from eyebrow embroidery:

  • Natural-looking pigment safely fills in gaps and bald spots along the brow line, delivering a natural-looking brow.
  • Pigment evens out the length and size of the brows, creating a natural shape and fuller brow.
  • Microblading can help you save time getting ready.
  • Microbladed brows will not smear or smudge when touched or rubbed.
  • Semi-permanent eyebrows are water resistant and will stay on in the shower, at the pool, and during workouts when sweat beads the brow line.
  • Builds confidence in knowing your brows look natural and are evenly shaped.
  • A cost-effective procedure that saves on the costs of expensive brow liners, powders, and waxing procedures.
  • It is a relatively painless procedure that will produce terrific results.