Do you rise from bed earlier than others so you have the time to get ready for the day? Have you ever considered how much time you spend putting on makeup? When you think about it, you probably spend hours every week just to get ready for the day. If you are looking to expedite your daily makeup routine, perhaps you should consider permanent makeup from Celebrity Lash and Brow Design. With cosmetic tattooing, your eyebrows can look perfect every day without fussing with an eyebrow pencil or waking up before the sun rises.

If you are interested in having tattooed eyebrows, there are a couple of things to consider. Semi-permanent eyebrows from Celebrity Lash and Brow Design generally lasts about one year while permanent eyebrows can last from three to five years, although a yearly touch up is highly recommended. Our slide and tap technique allows us to give your eyebrows a natural look through precision application. Afterwards, you can promptly throw your eyebrow pencil in the trash and start sleeping in a little bit longer in the mornings, and nothing is as important as your beauty rest.

Cosmetic tattooing from Celebrity Lash and Brow Design is an excellent option for anyone who wants to save time. Instead of spending hours each week trying to get your eyebrow makeup perfect, give permanent makeup a try. With just one yearly touch up, your eyebrows can look amazing as soon you wake up every. Contact us online, or call 623-777-4223 to schedule your permanent makeup appointment today.