Fall is finally here in Peoria, which means there is a myriad of hot fall makeup trends making waves in the world of beauty and makeup. From new, dazzling eyeshadow shades, to put a twist on classic fall looks, we at Celebrity Lash and Brow are excited to explore some of these trends with you today.

Just Peachy

Peach is definitely this year’s breakout color. Peach or coral eyeshadow is a great way to make a big statement with a natural, effortless look. Peach is an incredibly versatile color great for every skin tone, and really makes green, hazel, and blue eyes pop. What’s more, peach and coral are found in just about every eyeshadow palette as of late, so dab a little on the eyelids and under the eyes for a gorgeous fall look. Peach lips and cheeks are also the perfect way to add a touch of color without having to go overboard on the makeup application. For a more dramatic look, brush on a peachy color all over your eyelid, up through the crease, and along the lower lash line. Then add a bronze shadow over the peach just along the upper eyelid for a smokey peach color.

 Smokey Eye with a Touch of Vibrance

Nothing beats the classy smokey eye, especially when worn during a gloomy fall day. Up your smoky eye game by adding a touch of color to create a halo look. The colors that are in this season are reds, oranges, and golds; add one of these bright eyeshadow colors to the center of your upper eyelid to make the smoky look even more dramatic. Red shadows will enhance green and brown eyes, while golds and yellows will brighten blue, brown, and hazel eyes. For a more dramatic look, use copper, green, or purple metallic shadow in the center of the upper lid. Adding a bit of color to a dark or neutral smokey eye is perfect for fall.

Flawless Fall Makeup

With all of these amazing fall makeup trends, why not enhance your fall look with permanent or semi-permanent makeup? Getting permanent eyeliner for a perfect subtle cat eye or a more dramatic cat eye with a thicker line means that you can spend more time playing around with eyeshadow colors to create a stunning fall look for work, school, or for a night out in Peoria. If you’re interested in learning more about permanent makeup or would like to schedule a consultation, call Celebrity Lash and Brow Design today. Thank you for reading part one of our short blog series and be sure to tune in for part two to learn about more fall makeup trends.