For many of us, it’s a daily battle – do you take the time with your makeup so you can look your best all day or do you sleep that extra hour and throw some makeup on as you rush out the door? There are so many blogs and YouTube tutorials with myriad tips to cut down your morning routine, save time but still look polished, and even preparatory steps you can take the night before. If you’re looking to save time on your morning routine, one of the best aids you can give yourself is semi-permanent or permanent makeup from Celebrity Lash and Brow Design in Glendale!

dreamstime_xxl_10170531 What It Is

Permanent makeup is also regularly called cosmetic tattooing, which should give you a pretty good idea what it is. This cosmetic technique involves inserting pigment into the skin at varying depths to enhance your features. The most common applications are eyeliner (for upper lids, lower, or both), eyebrow extensions and fill-ins, and lip lining. For many, permanent makeup has also been used to disguise scars and skin discoloration.

Semi-Permanent Versus Permanent

The depth of pigment insertion is what gives the difference between what is considered semi-permanent and what is permanent. However, permanent makeup is a bit of a misnomer, because even the cosmetic tattooing termed permanent is likely to fade over time. Just like any other tattoo, your skin cells growing, dying, and sloughing off will eventually cause permanent makeup to fade. The difference is that semi-permanent is expected to last somewhere in the realm of six months to a year before fading while permanent makeup is expected to last longer. You can get touch ups for your semi- and permanent makeup at Celebrity Lash and Brow design in Glendale to keep it looking good!

So Many Options


Thanks to the vast array of pigment options, permanent makeup can be customized to just about any look you want. Did you get sucked in by the super-skinny eyebrow trend in the 90s and can no longer grow thick full eyebrows? Eyebrow tattooing allows for a bit of extra definition to support your natural brow by way of eyebrow tinting or eyebrow extensions using tattooed pigment. If that’s not enough, you can get thicker looking brows that are on-trend with permanently tattooed eyebrows.


Just as with the tattooed eyebrows options, there is plenty of customizability available for permanent eyeliner. If you have light eyelashes and want a bit more natural definition, a subtle line of pigmentation along your upper lid can be barely noticeable but add that pop you want for your eyes. Or, if you’re tired of running through liner pencils because you prefer a heavy liner look, permanent eyeliner can provide that thick dark line along both upper and lower lids so you don’t have to apply loads of liner every morning. Simply discuss your preferred style with your Glendale aesthetician.


If you want fuller-looking lips, permanent makeup may be the best step to get the right look. We can’t promise Angelina Jolie lips, but tattooed pigment that matches your natural lip color can make your lips look fuller without all those lip plumping serums or the dozen steps it takes to get the perfect widening ombre illusion. Again, customization is very nearly endless, so talk to your esthetician about what you want!

Cut down on your morning makeup routine and nix worries that your makeup will disappear by the end of the day. With permanent makeup, you can emphasize and enhance your favorite features without tons of work each morning. Call Celebrity Lash and Brow Design in Glendale to schedule your permanent makeup consultation today!