The early part of this millennium was not kind, whether you’re talking fashion or beauty trends. We’re talking the days of crimped hair, butterfly clips on grown women, and wearing ties as belts. We shudder to remember those rough style times, shaped so largely by the Disney Channel crowd. Girls, don’t listen as Buzzfeed tries to glorify those times! What they don’t tell you is that some style choices you make in your youth are hard to bounce back from, and the early 2000s certainly left their mark.

Thanks in large part to the super skinny eyebrow trend of the early 2000s, many women now struggle to fill in eyebrows that were over-plucked a bit too much. Which is such a shame now that thick luscious brows are in. Sure, eyebrow pencils, stencils, and powder options can do a good job of filling out your brows, but if your setting spray isn’t up to the job, one dip in the pool will destroy all your hard work.

Thin Eyebrow Help

Whether the early 2000s were a rough time for your eyebrow style or you naturally have fair hair and thin brows, you don’t need to resort to hours of makeup application every morning to get those full brows you dream about. Thankfully, permanent makeup has also come a long way since the early 2000s, and tattooing on eyebrows no longer means thick heavy lines that are obviously inked on. Now, microblading provides an eyebrow tattoo option that can help you get thicker, fuller looking eyebrows that still look natural and last through a summer full of swim time.

dreamstime_l_11294315Microblading Basics

Yes, microblading is a tattoo. However, it’s probably not an eyebrow tattoo the way you’re probably thinking. First, there is no big heavy tattoo gun drilling lines into your forehead. Instead, microblading is done with a small handheld tool that allows the aesthetician to create delicate little hair-like lines that mimic your natural brow hair. Pigment is implanted under your skin, but it doesn’t go quite as deep as a tattoo with a tattoo gun would. The good news is it doesn’t hurt as much as a tattoo with tattoo gun either! There will still be some discomfort, but most women describe the feeling as scratching.

Prepping for Your Treatment

Before you go in for your microblading treatment, you’ll want to take a few steps. First, avoid any sort of blood thinners for at least a week, and yes, that includes alcohol and retinol face creams. If you’re on blood thinners for health reasons, check with your aesthetician. Also, be sure to allow plenty of time for your appointment. The purpose of microblading is to mimic your natural hair as much as possible, so your aesthetician will need time to draw on the guiding lines before going over them with the microblading tool. Be sure to check with your aesthetician for any other pre-treatment guidance!

If you’re ready for fuller natural looking brows, call Celebrity Lash and Brow Design in Glendale to schedule your microblading appointment today!