Skin cells are constantly duplicating, creating new layers, and sloughing off. This is why scars fade over time and why facial treatments like dermabrasion help your skin look fabulous and refreshed rather than injured. The way our skin regenerates is why so many facial and body skincare treatments work as well as they do – but it’s also the reason tattoos need to be touched up every so often. Even though the pigment for a tattoo goes down below the superficial layer of skin (the epidermis) to the more lasting layer (the dermis), your skin is still regenerating and producing more skin cells, which means that, over time, even permanent pigmentation of the skin like a tattoo can change and fade. When it comes to permanent makeup, this process is much the same, with a few minor differences.


Permanent Makeup vs Tattoos

The first major difference between permanent makeup and tattooing as body art is the depth to which pigment is inserted. For instance, some areas that permanent makeup is applied to are too thin to create the same level of permanence that a tattoo elsewhere on your body might have. For example, permanent eyeliner is restricted by the thickness of your eyelids. Because skin there is thinner, it cannot go as deep into the dermis and will not last as long as a tattoo on, say, your arm.


In addition to permanent makeup, many aestheticians offer semi-permanent makeup treatments as well. These are treatments in which pigment is inserted at a much more shallow depth on purpose. For example, microblading is a semi-permanent makeup treatment in which pigment is inserted under the skin at a pretty shallow depth to give fullness to eyebrows in a more natural looking manner. Microblading is designed this way intentionally so that, as the treatment starts to fade, you can go back for another treatment to boost the color and create more depth from the layering of color.


Fading and Aging

The biggest factor in how quickly permanent makeup fades is how deep or shallow it is inserted under the skin. In addition, your face’s skin cells regenerate and slough off more quickly. This process can be sped along by facial treatments and even abrasive facial scrubs. If you’re interested in permanent makeup, but have more questions about how long a treatment will last, call your local Glendale aesthetician for a consultation. Schedule a treatment at Celebrity Lash and Brow Design today to learn more!