How do you feel about your eyebrow game? Is it on fleek or in need of some eyebrow therapy? The early part of this millennium saw a trend toward super skinny eyebrows. Now that the trend has shifted to thicker, well-shaped brows, many women are left with the eternal brow struggle: follow the trend or keep ‘em thin? No matter what you choose, Celebrity Lashes and Brow Design in Glendale offers expert eyebrow shaping to help you achieve the brow shape of your dreams.

Frame Your Face

Anyone who pays any attention to makeup techniques knows how important eyebrows are for your face. They add definition and can make your eyes pop or your cheeks look thinner. Eyebrows are magic when well-maintained.

Where Should I Start?

Pick an eyebrow style icon. Do you want your brows to be more Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe? Maybe you want a modern muse like Cara Delevigne or Jennifer Anniston. Whoever your eyebrow idol is, we can get you there! Bring a photo or two for your next eyebrow shaping appointment.

Thin Brows with Thick Tastes

If your brows have suffered from the early millennium trend but love the thick arches that are popular now, don’t worry. Celebrity Lashes and Brow Design has options to up your brow game without piling on the makeup. Less permanent options include eyebrow shaping, of course, and eyebrow tinting for natural definition. Or, for thick natural-looking brows, try microblading. This is not a regular old eyebrow tattoo; microblading uses a thin blade to insert tinted color under the skin for a natural looking bold brow. If you’re interested in permanent makeup, we offer semi-permanent and permanent eyebrow options. Set up your consultation today so help you get the eyebrow look you want!