Sadly, breakouts and skin issues don’t magically clear up as the teen years come to an end. For so many of us, they may slow down to only barely frequent with a regular skincare regimen, but everything from hormones to illness can be the reason behind a fresh new blemish marring otherwise smooth and flawless skin. If you struggle with breakouts, acne, or other skin conditions despite being beyond your teenaged years, the root cause could be one we don’t often expect: the office.


Why It Happens

Working indoors under those fluorescent lights all day probably doesn’t feel like it’s doing damage, except, some days, to our mental well-being. But if you break out regularly, it might just be because of the conditions of your office. One of the most common culprits behind breakouts, especially during the summer months, is blasting the air conditioning. That cooled air blowing down on you does the same thing for your skin that the winter winds do: it dries out your skin. In the winter, we’re more prepared for that to happen, so we switch to a stronger moisturizer. However, on those hot, sunny days, most of us don’t think we need to double up on the facial care—but the a/c in your building may be drying your skin and causing it to break out!


The other big culprit is posture. If your desk isn’t ergonomically positioned, you are more likely to slouch to get comfortable. This is especially bad for those who work in front of a computer screen all day because the natural segue after slouching is to rest your chin in your hand, play with your hair, or otherwise get the dirt and grime on your fingers rubbed all over your face. If you find that you tend to break out most along your jaw line, you may need to work on your posture.


How To Fix It

Between the air conditioning and bad posture, no matter how subconsciously it’s done, the office can be behind a great deal of breakouts. While you can do something about your posture, you can’t always do something to get away from the drying effects of the a/c. If you notice you breakout regularly, talk to your aesthetician about ways to combat workplace skin struggles. Regular facials can help your skin, but you’ll want to talk to your aesthetician to tailor the right facials for your needs.


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