As the temperatures rise and the sun shines down, it’s pretty easy to feel like you’re wilting. Or, worse yet, to feel like your makeup is melting faster than a lipstick left in the car on a sunny day. If you’ve been trying to find ways to help improve your makeup’s staying power through those blisteringly-hot summer days here in Glendale, the team at Celebrity Lash and Brow Design have a few tips to help you out!


Start With a Solid Foundation

When we suggest you start with a solid foundation, we don’t mean you should apply layer after layer of powder and liquid foundation. During summer, the less makeup you wear, the less of a chance you have of experiencing summer makeup melt. This may mean a bit more attention to your daily cleansing and moisturizing routine—and don’t forget to swap out your heavier winter moisturizer for a lighter summer one—but your skin will thank you when it can perspire properly. As an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about blotting away your makeup from blotting sheet overuse.


Feel Free to Go Natural

On top of an amped up daily cleansing routine, microdermabrasion and regularly scheduled facials can help keep your skin clean, clear, and worth showing off. Talk to your local Glendale aesthetician about what combination of facial treatments are the best options for your skin type. If you still feel the need to cover up your skin after an improved cleansing and facials routine, keep it minimal—think concealer only, or maybe a light powder instead of a thick liquid foundation.


Frame Your Face

If you’re cutting back on the amount of makeup you apply during the summer, don’t forget to emphasize your features and frame your face naturally. Keep up with your waxing appointments to ensure your brows are shaped beautifully and you may find you’re comfortable enough giving your brow gels and pencils a summer vacation too! If your brows are thinner than you’d prefer but you’re ready to cut back on your daily makeup routine, ask your aesthetician about microblading! This semi-permanent makeup option involves inserting pigment under your skin one thin line at a time to build up your brows’ shape and create a fuller look naturally.


Contact the skin experts at Celebrity Lash and Brow Design in Glendale to schedule your next facial appointment and show off your skin this summer!