As cooler weather sets in and the drying winds increase this winter, your skin is probably parched and begging for extra moisture. The bad news: We’re barely into the start of winter, so there are still several more weeks to tough it through. The good news: There are easy fixes so you aren’t left waiting until spring to refresh your skin.

Facials For Winter

To protect your skin from drying out this winter, jumpstart your skin’s rejuvenation process through a facial treatment. The variety of available chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and other options will push your skin into shedding the dead and dried out upper layers and will often encourage new skin growth, leaving you with softer, smoother skin. To help your face survive the drying winter winds, meet with your dermatologist today to discuss your concerns and develop a plan.

Get Into a Routine

Just like you’d wash and moisturize your face each night before bed, getting into a routine for your facial treatments will help your skin stay healthy. Treatments, such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels are generally more effective when done at regular intervals. Instead of getting one deep or semi-deep chemical peel once or twice a year, a series of more frequent but less harsh chemical peels may be better for your face.

Chemical Peels

When it comes to chemical peels, there are generally three levels to this treatment. A light (or superficial) chemical peel only affects the top layers of your skin. This means you may see a bit of redness and some dead skin flaking, but otherwise your skin won’t be too visibly affected and you’ll be fine to go back to work after your appointment; many individuals opt for a light chemical peel treatment on their lunch hour.

Heavier Peels

Medium-depth and deep chemical peels are exactly what they sound like. These use stronger chemicals in order to reach deeper than just the outer layers of your skin. If you have blemishes, such as sun spots or acne scarring, you may want a medium or deep peel to push your skin into rejuvenating itself and clearing up those blemishes. These have more visible effects on your skin, however, you may want to plan a deeper chemical peel when you will have a few days to stay out of the sun and let the redness heal before you go back to work.

This winter, don’t let the wind and cold defeat your skin. Meet with your esthetician at Celebrity Lash and Brow Design in Glendale to plan your winter facial treatment plan. A series of facials will keep your skin fresh and make you feel better through the winter. Call today to schedule an appointment!