When you’ve got sensitive skin, it can almost feel like an incomprehensible mystery as to what will set off a negative reaction that leaves your face freaking out. Sensitive skin is a bit of a misnomer, as far as skincare terminology goes; it’s a generic umbrella term for a variety of skin struggles. Whether you want to nix those tenacious breakouts, soothe the constant redness, dodge anything that causes an allergic reaction, moisturize dry skin, or tone down oily skin without making it desert-dry, any of these fall under the header of sensitive skin.


You’ve Tried It All

If you struggle with a persistent skin issue, we imagine you lost count of the different products you’ve tried back when you were still a teen. New cleansers, toners, and moisturizers ended up in the trash bin when they made your facial skin issue worse rather than better. Given how many useless skincare products you’ve seen go to waste, it can be really hard to talk yourself into the cost of a facial. However, you shouldn’t let your previous experiences with skin care struggles deter you. Facials are unlike drugstore skincare fixes, so it doesn’t make sense to expect the same results!


Why Facials Are Different

Facials, like sensitive skin, is a broad term that encompasses a variety of different facial treatments, including options like microdermabrasion and chemical peels. The most striking difference between these skincare treatments and those you can buy in a bottle or jar are the format they come in – specifically, that they are performed by a licensed and trained aesthetician. Rather than going to your nearest drugstore and wading through the euphemistically named products, the aesthetician performing your facial has been trained in different skincare needs and options, so she can guide you to the treatment that is most likely going to benefit your skin.


What Facials Do

Facial treatments can have a bigger impact on your sensitive skin issues than routine skincare products because they provide a mixture of the following:

  • Get your skin squeaky clean – even persistent black- and whiteheads can be removed during your facial to cut down on future blemishes.
  • Bring back moisture – facials with nourishing face masks add in moisture and encourage your skin to heal itself.
  • Exfoliation – gently scrubbing gets rid of blemishes and encourage healing while smoothing your skin.

The biggest benefit for your skin is how customizable a facial treatment can be. Call Celebrity Lash and Brow design in Glendale to work with our team and customize a facial for your sensitive skin needs!