Every woman wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day. Whatever your version of princess is – whether that means yards of poof and rhinestones or a sleek and slinky dress, every bride fears the same thing: Blemishes or skin issues on the big day. And, unlike in the movies (we’re lookin’ at you My Big Fat Greek Wedding), there is no simple cure-all if the unthinkable happens.

Preparedness is key!

Instead of worrying for months, and probably causing your face to break out more from the stress, make a plan! Make an appointment with your Glendale esthetician at Celebrity Lashes and Brow Design at least a few months before your big day. Six months or longer would be ideal so you can have a routine in place, but you need at least a couple months.

Why so long?

When it comes to facials and other facial treatments, you need time for your skin to adjust after the treatment. If, for example, you got a chemical peel the day before your wedding, you’ll end up looking more like a tomato than yourself, and no bride wants that! More importantly, having a facial routine in place months ahead of time will help minimize and prevent blemishes. The skin cell cycle for your face is roughly a month’s time; a monthly facial can help your face stay clear and give old scars a bit of help healing.

Get rid of those zits!

The most important part of facials for any bride is this: Part of the facial process is to manually extract any potential problem-causers. A monthly facial routine leading up to your wedding day will make sure your skin is clear and smooth for your big day. Call your esthetician at Glendale’s Celebrity Lashes and Brow Design today to start your personalized pre-wedding plan!