Hello, and welcome back. Last time we began looking at some of the hottest fall makeup trends this season, which included peach everything, and upgrading the classic smoky eye with a touch of vibrant color. Today, let’s continue looking at a few more autumn-inspired makeup trends to get you into the fall season in style. 

Monochrome Makeup

Using a single hue for the lids, cheeks, and lips is all the rage right now, and it’s a really easy, stunning look to pull off. The most alluring fall colors for this technique are peaches, bronzes, burnt siennas, auburns, and anything with burgundy hues. One way to test these colors out is by dabbing a bit of lipstick on the eyelids to see if the color works for your skin type. Then, when you have chosen the perfect color, simply match it to an eyeshadow and blush. Black eyeliner works great with any eyeshadow color, but browns and some other hues may work just as well. The great thing about this makeup technique is that you can apply as little or as much color on the upper and lower lids for a dramatic look or for one that is less intense.   

Polished Skin

The all natural look is big right now. Using a good foundation and contour kit, apply makeup to the skin for a matte look to make the skin look smooth and polished. Swipe a neutral eyeshadow or powder on the upper and lower eyelids, and finish with mascara for full looking eyelashes. You can even apply a thin line of liquid liner to the upper lid for added dimension. Dust on a coat of a neutral blush or bronzer for a perfectly polished look.

Hot Lips

Probably the biggest trend in fall makeup is making those lips pop. For some, this means finding the perfect pinup red or wine-inspired matte lipstick; for others, this the vamp look is where it’s at. Vampy lips were all the rage in the 90s, yet they have made a huge comeback this year. The bold-lip look works great on any skin tone, and it’s a fun way to change up the standard pinks and reds. This lip color is a great way to create a bold look combined with more natural looking eyeshadows. So, go ahead, get vampy this fall!

Luscious Lashes

Healthy, voluminous lashes will enhance any fall makeup trend, and getting professionally applied eyelash extensions can completely transform your daily makeup routine. Our licensed aesthetician will customize an eyelash set that will make your lashes longer and thicker without having to apply mascara every day. To get the luscious lashes you’ve always wanted without the hassle of applying mascara, call Celebrity Lash and Brow Design for a consultation. Thank you for taking the time to read our short blog series that has explored some of the hottest fall makeup trends this season.