Hello, glamorous gals, and welcome back to the Celebrity Lashes and Brow Design blog. Halloween is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! There is a myriad of costumes to choose from this year, yet with all the ladies in Peoria who will be dressing up as the mighty Wonder Woman, gentle Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and the unforgettable characters from Stranger Things, you may be looking for a costume that is a bit more unique. We have some fun costume ideas that blend fabulous costumes with long, lush eyelashes and classic makeup styles: we’re talking about the stunning ladies of the silver screen. Here is a list of the most iconic female actresses from Hollywood’s Golden Age, whose timeless beauty makes for the perfect Halloween costume.

Marilyn Monroe

The “Blonde Bombshell,” as she is commonly referred to, is the iconic actress of vintage Hollywood. Her stunning appearance, infectious smile, and risqué style has made her one of the most gorgeous Hollywood gems and fashion icons of all time. But there was a whole lot more to this Material Girl; aside from being a pinup girl, she was also a humanitarian, an animal lover, an intellectual, a lover of literature, and a talented artist. Her many iconic styles, her classic beauty with thick, sweeping eyelashes, full red lips, and of course, her memorable beauty mark makes her one of the most fun costume choices for Halloween.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn had the look of pure innocence. Her classic doe-eyed look complemented by strong brows, batting lashes, and flawless porcelain skin makes for an easy costume to put together with hardly any fuss. One of her most iconic looks comes from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, where she dawns a simple, yet elegant black dress, a slick up-do, cat-eye glasses, long black gloves, and of course, the tiara, pearl necklace, and telescopic cigarette holder.    

Greta Garbo

The Swiss beauty was one of the queens of the silver screen in the 1920s but grew in popularity during the 1930s with roles in the classic Anna Karenina (1935) and Camille (1936). Her remarkable beauty, impeccable acting talent, and modern spirit make her one of the Hollywood’s most cherished stars. If you love the elegant, well-tailored look of the 1930s, watch her 1931 film, Anna Christie, for inspiration.  

Mae West

Mae West made a name for herself in vaudeville, and is named by the American Film Institute as one of Hollywood’s greatest female actresses of classic cinema. She starred in numerous films in the 30s and 40s and has the vintage look with white-blonde curls, high arched brows, black-as-night lashes, and classic pinup lips. Head to your local vintage shop in Peoria to find a dress similar to the one she wore in I’m No Angel (1933). This would make a perfect couples costume, as your handsome sweetie can dress as her co-star in the film, the dashing Cary Grant.   

Jean Harlow

This platinum blonde actress is probably the most fun costume because of the makeup she wore. She felt contouring was one of the most important makeup techniques which could give a lady’s face all the right angles to dazzle audiences on the silver screen. With perfect platinum curls, thin, arched eyebrows, inch-long eyelash extensions, and perfect lips, Jean Harlow is the quintessential movie star from Hollywood’s Golden Age.

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