Welcome back to our blog! Halloween is exactly two weeks away and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re sure that most people in Peoria are already preparing their costumes for the big day, but for those who are still looking for ideas, we’ve got some great ones up our sleeves that are both fun and fashionable. Because we are all about eyelashes here at Celebrity Eyelashes and Brow Design, we’ve hand-picked some costume ideas based on our most favorite style icons. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy reading today’s post.

We’ve Got You, Babe

If you want a lot of style options that extend over the most popular decades in fashion, go as Cher this Halloween! From her days of stick-straight, jet black hair and doll face eyelashes in the 60s, to her curly-haired, scantily-clad days of turning back time in the 80s, to her current glamorous Las Vegas showgirl style, she is the perfect costume for someone who wants to be the center of attention at the Halloween party. No matter which Cher era you choose, make sure your eyelashes and makeup match the garment.  

Put On Your Poker Face

Lady Gaga is another music icon who has transcended the world of fashion with unique, over-the-top costumes, wigs, and makeup styles. If you’re skipping the Halloween party for a night out on the town, dressing up as any of Lady Gaga’s many looks will have the whole club in awe of your Halloween creation. You can have a lot of fun with your makeup choices here, and long, stunning eyelashes are a must!

Be Stunning… Like Fireworks!

Katy Perry has a flirtatious, colorful style with stage costumes that reflect the style of those bold style icons who came before her like Cher, Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper. While any of these fashionable women make excellent costumes, you could have a lot of fun putting together a knock-off Katy Perry and play around with makeup that might never wear otherwise. Once again, the lashes are important here! Try some of our color lashes for a more dynamic look to match her style.

Get Pop Star Eyelashes

All of these pop icons have one thing in common: luscious eyelashes. While you can pick up fake lashes at any beauty supply store in Peoria, these eyelashes are often difficult to apply and tend to peel off a few hours after application. For the best eyelash extensions that will last longer and look better than the store-bought kind, call the eyelash extension experts at Celebrity Lashes and Brow Design. Our aestheticians will customize your lashes to compliment your style and the shape of your face for a flawless, no-hassle eyelashes. Contact us today to get gorgeous celebrity eyelashes to accentuate and complete your pop icon Halloween costume.