First came falsies; now we have eyelash extensions. Gone is the hassle of getting your eyelash glue to just the right level of tacky-stickiness. No more fighting with tweezers, fingers, pen caps, or whatever other application assistance you use. Even better: no more daily struggle, which means ages saved on your morning makeup routine! Think of all that extra sleep you’ll get when you don’t have to struggle with falsies every day!

I’m intrigued. Tell Me More…

Eyelash extensions are esthetician applied false eyelashes made of either silk, mink, or synthetic material. They can last up to eight weeks, look natural and, at Celebrity Lashes and Design in Glendale, are applied one lash at a time to create a fully customized look. Lash extensions are applied to your existing eyelashes with a semi-permanent adhesive to ensure a natural and long-lasting look.

That Sounds Perfect!

Given how awesome that sounds, I’m sure you’re asking yourself what the drawback is. Because eyelash extensions are applied by a licensed esthetician, there’s nothing to worry about. The one (teeny tiny insignificant) downside is the time and patience needed – but let’s face it, a bit of extra time up front still saves you hours and hours in the long run! Because eyelash extensions are individually adhered, this process can take a while. Your initial visit will likely take around two hours. After that, you will need to come back every couple of weeks for fills to keep your lash extensions looking full, but the fill appointments are much shorter.

Aftercare is Important

In order to make sure your eyelash extensions last, we also offer a full line of false lash aftercare products. We want to be sure your lashes last as long as possible, so we make it easy to care for them! Call Celebrity Lashes and Design in Glendale today to get your fabulous lashes today!