Your eyes are one of the most expressive parts of you, and so often one of the first features anyone will notice. This is why, even if we do nothing else, so many of us are sure to carefully apply eye makeup every day. After all, thick, full lashes can do absolutely amazing things for your eyes!

If you have short or fine eyelashes, there is only so much mascara can do to help. This is where false eyelashes come in. You can start small and add a bit of definition at the corners of your eyes, add a thick layer of fluttery lashes all the way across, even add some fun with shimmering colored lashes! The options and combinations feel endless! But with all these options comes the question: Which are better, false eyelashes or eyelash extensions?

dreamstime_xxl_33552803 Falsies

False eyelashes certainly have their benefits. There are a ton of options in terms of colors, lengths, depth of curl, fullness, lash variation, and so on. However, all that customizability comes at a price. With false eyelashes, you have to deal with irritating glues, lopsided lashes, a lot of application time, and constantly replacing your falsies. If you, like many, struggle to apply falsies, all that time can cut into your morning routine and make you late – and after all that work, they may not be even be symmetrical!

On top of that is the constant expense if you’re a daily false eyelash wearer. Some sets can last through a handful of uses, as long as you’re careful removing them and clean them properly every time. Eyes are very delicate and prone to infection easily, so as soon as your eyes begin to feel dry or irritated, it’s time to trash your current pair and probably the glue you’re using. If a pair of falsies lasts you, on average, five days, that’s roughly 73 pairs of false eyelashes a year. Between the falsies and good glue, that’s a lot of expense adding up each year!

Eyelash Extensionsdreamstime_xxl_38819057

This is where eyelash extensions differ. Eyelash extensions are applied, one lash at a time, to your existing eyelashes. This means the initial application can take roughly two hours. However, once that initial application is over, you don’t have to do anything in the morning except perhaps dash on a bit of mascara! Your eyelash extensions will last a few weeks and, from there, can be filled as needed in much shorter sessions.

One of the biggest perks of eyelash extensions is how low-maintenance they are. You will want to clean them with an eyelash extension safe cleanser as part of your regular cleansing routine, but otherwise, you don’t need to do anything. That daily hassle of struggling to apply lashes evenly is taken away when the lashes stay on! In addition, because they last so much longer than a pair of falsies, the expense of eyelash extensions is often equal to or less than what you would spend on false lashes and glue annually.

In addition to the easy upkeep, eyelash extensions offer even more customizability. Because each extension is applied to your existing lashes individually, you can discuss it with your esthetician and get exactly the look you want. This can be as simple as adding a bit of length and fullness but keeping a natural look or opting for a volume fill for a more dramatically full look.

Make your morning routine a breeze and help your eyes look brighter, fuller, and more open with eyelash extensions. If you’re ready to get started with eyelash extensions, call Celebrity Lash and Brow Design in Glendale to schedule your initial consultation!