Summer is here! Students and teachers everywhere are tossing hats and rejoicing – which means the whirlwind of summer events has begun! This summer, keep your look fresh and stunning without hours of extra effort before every event. At Celebrity Lashes and Brow Design here in Glendale, we know you want to look your best for all the graduations, weddings, baby showers, and even those multi-day summer music festivals. With a bit of early preparation, our team of expert estheticians can help you look great all summer without tons of makeup or effort. Here’s what we suggest:


Start With a Facial

If you’ve had a facial before, you know you don’t want to get one the day of a big event. The redness will fade pretty quickly, but no one wants to look blotchy in photos. Instead, start your summer off with a facial to help get your skin clear, smooth, and soft. This way, you can enjoy wearing less makeup and still look flawless! Talk to your esthetician about how frequently you’ll need treatments to keep your skin looking amazing.


Shape Your Brows

Starting with a solid foundation will help keep you looking amazing with minimal effort all summer. When you come in for your facial, take a few extra minutes to get your brows waxed and shaped too (and don’t forget about your lip, underarms, and bikini line, while you’re at it). During winter, with all the knit hats and headbands, it’s easy to let your eyebrows grow a bit wild. Get them back to the right shape at the beginning of summer with our professional waxing, so all you need is the occasional touch up.


Eyelash Extensions

If you do nothing else to make your summer event look easier, we suggest eyelash extensions. These beauties are customized to your desired look and attached lash by lash so they’ll last for weeks. No more falsies, no more mascara! You can just get up and go and still enjoy amazing eye-framing that looks natural… but better!


Combining all three treatments will help you cut down on the layers of makeup you feel the need to wear – your skin will look smooth and blemish-free without cover up, and your expertly shaped brows and long-lasting eyelash extensions will help frame your face and show off your best facial features. Contact Celebrity Lashes and Brow Design in Glendale today to schedule your start of summer treatments and enjoy an easier routine this summer!