Hello, lovelies, and welcome back to our blog! We’re sad that Halloween is over, but we are looking forward to the holidays ahead. For many, deciding what style of eyelash extensions to go with can seem like a task. There are so many gorgeous looks to choose from! With more holidays just around the corner, we know all of our clients will want to look their best, and eyelash extensions can help accentuate one’s natural beauty. Therefore, today, we will look at a few fashion icons with different styles of eyelashes. These “eyelash muses,” as we like to call them, may help give you an idea for the lash look you’d like to try for yourself.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is one of Hollywood’s most stunning stars who looks gorgeous whether she is done up for the red carpet or sporting an all natural look with no makeup. Aside from gorgeous features, a bubbly personality, and a talent for acting, she knows how to rock her style. When she appears on the red carpet, on the big screen, or in photos in a magazine, her eyelashes always look amazing. Her lashes are long and sultry, yet they don’t overshadow the beauty of her dark eyes. While her lashes are long and noticeable, they also look very natural.  

Kim Kardashian

Even if Kim K. is not your fave, you can’t argue with the fact that her eyelashes are to die for. Her baby doll lashes have to be at least an inch-long on the top lid, with the bottom lashes at about half that length. Her luscious lashes are absolutely stunning, but they may not be for everyone. If you aren’t quite ready for such dramatic lashes, maybe go for a more natural look. If you are all about being bold and daring, try out this lash style, which is great for your everyday look and for a more alluring look for a night on the town.

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is the look of classic glamour reminiscent of the bombshells from Hollywood’s  Golden Age. As a performer, she is always dolled up and ready to dazzle her live audiences and those watching introduce Sunday Night Football. Therefore, her eyelashes are always dramatic and always on point. While she often dawns the baby doll lash style, she often has a dramatic cat eye or open lash. These are both great choices for eyelash extensions whether you prefer a natural look or a dramatic one.  

Get Celebrity Lashes

If you love any of these eyelash styles, our aesthetician can customize a similar look for your eyelash extensions. Give Celebrity Lash and Brow Design a call today and get those flawless, hassle-free, long-lasting eyelash extensions you desire to enhance your natural beauty.