1. Glamorous Fall Makeup Trends, Part 1

    Fall is finally here in Peoria, which means there is a myriad of hot fall makeup trends making waves in the world of beauty and makeup. From new, dazzling eyeshadow shades, to put a twist on classic fall looks, we at Celebrity Lash and Brow are excited to explore some of these trends with you today. Just Peachy Peach is definitely this year’s breakout color. Peach or coral eyeshadow is a great w…Read More

  2. Save Time In The Morning With Permanent Makeup

    Do you rise from bed earlier than others so you have the time to get ready for the day? Have you ever considered how much time you spend putting on makeup? When you think about it, you probably spend hours every week just to get ready for the day. If you are looking to expedite your daily makeup routine, perhaps you should consider permanent makeup from Celebrity Lash and Brow Design. With cosmeti…Read More