1. How Does Permanent Makeup Age?

    Skin cells are constantly duplicating, creating new layers, and sloughing off. This is why scars fade over time and why facial treatments like dermabrasion help your skin look fabulous and refreshed rather than injured. The way our skin regenerates is why so many facial and body skincare treatments work as well as they do - but it’s also the reason tattoos need to be touched up every so often. E…Read More

  2. Microblading Basics: Get Better Brows

    The early part of this millennium was not kind, whether you’re talking fashion or beauty trends. We’re talking the days of crimped hair, butterfly clips on grown women, and wearing ties as belts. We shudder to remember those rough style times, shaped so largely by the Disney Channel crowd. Girls, don’t listen as Buzzfeed tries to glorify those times! What they don’t tell you is that some s…Read More

  3. What Is Permanent Makeup?

    For many of us, it’s a daily battle - do you take the time with your makeup so you can look your best all day or do you sleep that extra hour and throw some makeup on as you rush out the door? There are so many blogs and YouTube tutorials with myriad tips to cut down your morning routine, save time but still look polished, and even preparatory steps you can take the night before. If you’re loo…Read More

  4. Eyebrows Matter

    How do you feel about your eyebrow game? Is it on fleek or in need of some eyebrow therapy? The early part of this millennium saw a trend toward super skinny eyebrows. Now that the trend has shifted to thicker, well-shaped brows, many women are left with the eternal brow struggle: follow the trend or keep ‘em thin? No matter what you choose, Celebrity Lashes and Brow Design in Glendale offers ex…Read More