1. 4 Reasons to Try Microblading This Spring, Pt. 2

    Hi there, and welcome back to our blog! In part one, we looked at four of the top reasons to try microblading. Whether you have thinning eyebrows, complete hair loss, difficulty applying eyebrow makeup, or wish to correct asymmetrical brows, microblading is a safe and effective, semi-permanent solution for restoring the natural shape and color of your brows. Our brow and permanent makeup experts w…Read More

  2. 4 Reasons to Try Microblading This Spring, Pt. 1

    Welcome back to the Celebrity Lash and Brow Design blog. Can you believe spring will officially begin next week? With that in mind, many of you have already started planning out your springtime beauty plans. While it is always hot and sunny here in Peoria, spring is an excellent time to try new things in preparation for the summer months, which will be here before you it. Along with ramping up you…Read More