1. Prepare For Your Summer Vacation With A Chemical Peel

    Living in Glendale presents everyone with a multitude  of opportunities to enjoy the weather, but the rays of the sun can also cause plenty of damage to your skin. With summer in full swing, you have probably spent months getting your body ready for the beach. However, as you prepare for your summer vacation, you should also consider the skin care treatments you are currently using. If you want y…Read More

  2. The Benefits of A Facial Treatment

    The first impression we make can often set the tone for an entire relationship. From long weeks at the office to too many hours out in the sun, there are lots of ways that we put lots of stress on our face. And whether you are meeting a new client at work or are out on your first date with a new beau, looking your absolute best can go a long way to providing you with confidence. With a facial trea…Read More

  3. Save Time In The Morning With Permanent Makeup

    Do you rise from bed earlier than others so you have the time to get ready for the day? Have you ever considered how much time you spend putting on makeup? When you think about it, you probably spend hours every week just to get ready for the day. If you are looking to expedite your daily makeup routine, perhaps you should consider permanent makeup from Celebrity Lash and Brow Design. With cosmeti…Read More

  4. Feel Great Every Day With Eyelash Extensions

    Have you ever woke up on the morning of an important day and felt unprepared or unmotivated? Perhaps you had a critical presentation to give at work or maybe you have a notable social engagement, but after one look in the mirror, you do not feel up to the challenge. For many people, the way they look informs their outlook on the day. Looking great can give you a huge boost in self confidence which…Read More