1. Rock the Eyelash Extensions That Best Suit You!

    Do you ever wonder how celebrities get those luscious lashes without all the thick black clumping of mascara? For those of you who don’t tune in to every makeup blog and vlog out there, who may be falsies-illiterate and don’t know how to contour, something as simple as a celebrity’s thick, natural-looking lashes may seem like magic. Let us de-mystify those magical lashes for you: they are mo…Read More

  2. Eyelash Extensions Versus Falsies

    Your eyes are one of the most expressive parts of you, and so often one of the first features anyone will notice. This is why, even if we do nothing else, so many of us are sure to carefully apply eye makeup every day. After all, thick, full lashes can do absolutely amazing things for your eyes! If you have short or fine eyelashes, there is only so much mascara can do to help. This is where false …Read More

  3. What Is Permanent Makeup?

    For many of us, it’s a daily battle - do you take the time with your makeup so you can look your best all day or do you sleep that extra hour and throw some makeup on as you rush out the door? There are so many blogs and YouTube tutorials with myriad tips to cut down your morning routine, save time but still look polished, and even preparatory steps you can take the night before. If you’re loo…Read More

  4. Levels of Chemical Peels

    As cooler weather sets in and the drying winds increase this winter, your skin is probably parched and begging for extra moisture. The bad news: We’re barely into the start of winter, so there are still several more weeks to tough it through. The good news: There are easy fixes so you aren’t left waiting until spring to refresh your skin. Facials For Winter To protect your skin from drying out…Read More

  5. Dermablading for the Holidays

    As the winter holidays approach, so does photo season - are you prepared? November and December are full of reasons to take extra care of your face. The harsh winter air is drying your skin and the sugary foods and adult beverages at parties are dehydrating and potentially making your face break out. On top of that, this is the season of parties - company events, family time, get-togethers with fr…Read More

  6. Protect Your Face This Winter

    Fall is here! It’s time to rejoice in the splendor of cozy sweaters, tall boots, and pumpkin spice everything! The bevy of fall holidays are just around the corner, which means now is the time to prepare yourself. As exciting as fall is, it does mean that harsher skin conditions are also on their way. Winter Skin Blues With winter on the way, so too comes the wind and cold. This means doubling u…Read More

  7. Facials Are a Must on Your Big Day

    Every woman wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day. Whatever your version of princess is - whether that means yards of poof and rhinestones or a sleek and slinky dress, every bride fears the same thing: Blemishes or skin issues on the big day. And, unlike in the movies (we’re lookin’ at you My Big Fat Greek Wedding), there is no simple cure-all if the unthinkable happens. Preparednes…Read More

  8. Eyelash Extensions: Worth It?

    First came falsies; now we have eyelash extensions. Gone is the hassle of getting your eyelash glue to just the right level of tacky-stickiness. No more fighting with tweezers, fingers, pen caps, or whatever other application assistance you use. Even better: no more daily struggle, which means ages saved on your morning makeup routine! Think of all that extra sleep you’ll get when you don’t ha…Read More

  9. Eyebrows Matter

    How do you feel about your eyebrow game? Is it on fleek or in need of some eyebrow therapy? The early part of this millennium saw a trend toward super skinny eyebrows. Now that the trend has shifted to thicker, well-shaped brows, many women are left with the eternal brow struggle: follow the trend or keep ‘em thin? No matter what you choose, Celebrity Lashes and Brow Design in Glendale offers ex…Read More

  10. The Basics of Microdermabrasion

    Do you have an old piece of furniture, a family heirloom or antique you adore, but it needs a bit of help? Maybe there are a few scratches on the top or the varnish, or one of the legs is slowly rubbing away. The same sort of thing happens to your skin, and there’s an easy fix for both. For furniture, you need to sand down and revarnish. For your face, try microdermabrasion. Yes, we know, the na…Read More